Coaching Services

Teacher Effectiveness

  • Customize support for teachers

  • Individual professional growth plans

  • Classroom modeling and coaching

  • Curriculum Instructional Management

  • Meeting school and curriculum goals by using data to clearly identify annual goals for the instructional programs of the entire school and/or for a specific subject area/grade level. Faculty and other stakeholders must be involved in this development.

Assessment and Data Systems

  • Organization and utilization of data for positive student outcomes

  • Data driven decision making

  • Facilitators, Career Development Coordinator and Pathway Coordinator

  • Facilitation on Relational practices that increase student to teacher relationship

  • Pre& Post performance assessments for teachers to for data collection

  • Monitoring the instructional program by constantly evaluating student progress, using current data maintained within the instructional program

Special Education

  • De-escalation techniques for calming down explosive situations

  • Help schools close the achievement gap

  • Help schools design impactful Individual Education Plans

  • Compliance training for state and federal standards

  • Collaborative planning with special and regular education teachers

  • Curriculum design and teaching approaches training for SPED and regular teachers

Leadership Development

  • Personalized support for school leaders based on professional growth standards

  • Individualized professional growth plans for school leaders

  • Using data to produce positive results with a focus on leadership development

  • Pre & post surveys to drive for leadership role placement

  • Our coaches work side-by-side with administrators to ensure essential duties and functions related to their positions are carried out efficiently.